June 10 12:00 PM

Tasting Table Experience - In-Depth Guided Tasting

Saturday, June 10, 2023

1 day advanced booking is required.

Price: $20.00 - $30.00 Duration: 1 hr Group Size: 1 - 6 Guests

Join us at our Tasting Table where you'll experience our winery through an in-depth tasting of 4 wines in a small-group setting. Click on the calendar to choose your date.

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12:00 PM 6 left
2:00 PM 6 left

Our Tasting Table experience is the premier way to gain in-depth knowledge about sparkling wines made in Minnesota, from the process each wine goes through, to the grape varieties used, to the different styles of wine we make at Mousse and why. 

In this hour-long tasting experience, you'll enjoy 4 samples of our sparkling and/or still wines, nibble on cheese and charcuterie, and come away from the tasting with a greater appreciation for and knowledge about sparkling wines. 

A non-alcoholic option for those under 21 or non-drinkers is available. You'll receive 4 samples of non-alcoholic wines and/or mocktails while gaining the same knowledge about sparkling wines.  

After the tasting, you may stay and enjoy additional wines by the glass or purchase by the bottle. 

For same-day booking availability, please call the tasting room at 952-452-8162.